Five Minute Friday — Fix

Every Friday I join a community of bloggers for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt, five minutes. The prompt this week is … Fix.

Fix. A word that can be used with so many things that are broken. Tangible and intangible. Seen and unseen. Subjective and Objective. A word that requires some sort of action. A watch. A broken lamp. My toilet. My son’s sight and stutter. This country. My energy level. A chair. My cold cup of coffee. A boo-boo. Broken hearts. Hard grief. Cancer. Sickle Cell. DC traffic. The potholes. Humpty Dumpty. The swing on the playground. Attitudes. Racial inequality. Worry. Pain. A singer singing in the wrong pitch. The laundry on my bed continues to remain on my bed, to go to my floor.

And me. I use the word with me. I want to fix myself. Then I’m reminded that I’m not the creator of the things that are broken. Or the tools to fix the broken. Only the creator of the things that are broken can fix them. He has the tools and the wisdom to make them whole.

I am not required to fix everything or to be perfect. I am required to just be used by my Heavenly creator. It is through his grace, we fix it. Step by step.

God’s Daughter, Vet Wife, Mommy, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Teacher and Friend. Proud Baltimorean!!