Five Minute Friday-Gentle Father

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I learned the gentleness of God the father through my husband. Everyday at 5pm my son and my husband would go outside to play. This part of the schedule began when we picked him up in South Africa. We noticed that you had a natural close bond with me because he was used to being around women, but we wanted his relationship to grow more with my husband. On the flip side, my husband was not used to being around children. In the beginning this was tough to watch them both grow in their relationship together, but they both were consistent in their relationship together. Every day they both continued to go outside and play together. James was gentle with our son and created an environment for them to learn from each other. My son was able to teach him soccer and my husband played bubbles with him. It was amazing to watch as the time evolved between the two of them. Now a year later, they both love being together. This is similar to our relationship with God.

God is created uniquely to want to spend time with all of us. He is gentle in our approach with us. He enjoys what he created and loves us so much that he wants to know our heart, just as my husband wanted to understand my son more. I’m grateful for a God who loves us gently and wants to spend time with us.