Five Minute Friday — Love is the Excuse

Photo provided by Emmanuel Phaeton

Every Friday I join a community of bloggers for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt, five minutes. And I literally write it in 5 minutes. The prompt this week is … excuse.

What is our excuse in our love of the Lord? Is it our pride? Or is it our Faith? These questions lead me to the story of Eli and His Sons.

Eli and his sons had all the excuses to sin. And in the excuses came from their pride. They knew the God’s law. They were called to uphold God’s law as priest. Yet, they let their excuses to call them to live in their pride and to sin.

C.S. Lewis describes pride as being the opposite of Christian morals, which is Humility. C.S. Lewis continues on that it is through pride the devil became the devil. Pride is proud or disdainful behavior or treatment and is anti-God. It is YOU saying to others that YOU are better. You are in constant competition with yourself and others. Pride is the center of every sin in our life, even in ways that we think are better for others.


If we lay aside our pride and our excuses, he is faithful to meet us where we are. We give our pride to him in exchange for his heart. Our defense, our excuse of being true followers of God are his love for us.

Love should always be the excuse to follow God. Let love be your excuse in your walk with the Lord.